15 April 2016

Top Etiquette of leaving a job - Delhi/NCR

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Etiquette of leaving a job - Delhi/NCR
EVERYONE moves on in life, sometimes it is for better prospects and at times we move for fear of being stuck in a monotony. Everyone loves the change and most importantly the feeling of being free from a workplace. The excitement of moving on and trying out something new is definitely exciting. However, you must not forget the good you have learnt from your workplace. So once you have decided to quit and received the offer letter from the new place, these are the things you need to make sure you do.

Talk to your boss When you work in an organisation, its natural to build a rapport with your immediate boss. So when you get a new job, make sure that you tell your boss the right reasons to your resignation.

Resignation letter Mark a mail to your boss and the human resource officer explaining that you have decided to move on in your profession and your last working date. Also mention in the letter that you have learned a lot from the current organisation, sometimes even if you don’t mean it.

Notice period It’s often seen that people are extremely relaxed and laid back during their last few mont or months in an organisation.

However, work should never stop. Even if you are serving your notice period, make sure to take your responsibility seriously. While you may not care for the rules anymore, being disciplined goes a long way. It will be unwise to shirk responsibilities just because you are leaving and the company can no longer harm you.

Leaving on a good note The world is round and the industry you work in is quite small. So when you are all set to leave, don’t pick a fight or express your frustration on your boss or probably a colleague you disliked. Someday you may just end up working with the same person again and they will not forget your past behaviour. Giving your boss a piece of your mind in such situations is not advisable.

The farewell speech Keep it positive because after a long journey in a company, you are bound to go back with some life altering lessons.

Be grateful for the friends you’ve made and the advice you’ve received. Thank warmly all those who have touched your life in a positive way and have no regrets.

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