08 January 2016

“Why you want to join this job/company ?" - The Best Anwser

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Why you want join this job or company - Ncr Job Portal
What is most dreaded question in an interview?  
It can vary according to the person. For some the most feared question is “Tell me something about yourself!” and for some it may be “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Like these, there is another dreaded question “why you want this job and what interested you in applying for it" which leaves the interviewee in a mess.

If you are one of those who has always dreaded the interview questions like these, you must have googled a hundred times the perfect ways to answer the question. There are many ways you can take hold of this question. But it is always better to sound unique and different.

How should you answer the question differently and uniquely?
Luckily, answering the basic interview questions is not a very difficult task. There is a simple way to answer this question without you having to explain every big moment or transition in your career that has brought you to this interview. Here is how can you go about structuring your answer right. 
Show Enthusiasm towards the Organization
Firstly, this is an opportunity for you to flaunt your knowledge about the company. You can talk about how excited you are to join the company and the team but unless you are well prepared nothing will come up your mind at that instance considering the nervousness and pressure that stays inside the interview room. So, when you are preparing for a specific interview, you should spend good time to know better about the company. Select some factors and prepare a pitch for why you fit right in the role.

It is always impressive when a candidate knows a thing or two about the company, especially small companies. Just review the company website well or network with a current employee and sound like you have been following the company for a while.

Next, Your Skills and Responsibilities Should Align with the Role

  1. The next thing you want to do is to make the employers believe you are correct fit for the role. You can do it in two ways:
  2. Focus on Your Experience: Focus on what you have done before that has drafted your way to this interview
  3. Focus on Your Skills: Focus on your skills especially when you are thinking of switching industries
  4. When you are answering the question try and point out what entails the main part of the role adding a couple of skills that are mentioned in the job description. Following you can talk about your excitement to be a part of the company and why you are right for the role. 
  5. Keep it short and simple. You will have a lot of times in the conversation to cover your relevant stories. Here, highlight a couple of relevant abilities and experiences for the position.      

Lastly, Show Your Career Trajectory
You will have to show to the employer that the position you are looking out at the moment fits ideally on your career trajectory. You would not give an impression that you are using this position as a stepping stone for career, ideally. Show that you are going to be here for a long time making the employer comfortable in adding you to his team. You can do that by telling the employer how you have thought about the job and how it makes sense at the moment and in near future.

Dreading a question brings a nervous mind to an interview. Instead be prepared and shoot out confidently when asked. Summing up, a combination of the three fronts: your knowledge and skills, experience and anxiety and your general fit for the position can form an impressive answer for you. Additionally, you know how to take the conversation forward not sounding like you have muttered answers. An active and healthy conversation keeps the atmosphere calm and peaceful.

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