24 December 2015

The Rise of Telecom Industry in India and Career Opportunities

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The Indian Telecom sector had been hit by the 2G scam in the year 2012, that had affected a number of network providers in the country. In brief, the scam involved government officials undercharging mobile telephony companies for frequency allocation licenses at the cost of the public exchequer. The job opportunities in the telecom industry were also hit very hard as the license of many companies had been cancelled. But after the auction for the same in 2014 and 2015, the industry has become a bit stable and the opportunities in the sector have also risen.
The Rise of Telecom Industry in India and Career Opportunities - Ncr Job Portal

According to India Brand Equity Foundation, India is currently the second-largest telecommunication market and has the third-highest number of internet users in the world. As of May 2015, the total telephone subscriptions stood at 1,002 million, while tele density was at 79.67 nbsp. Much of this growth is due to the liberal and reformist policies of the Government, including the deregulation of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) norms. It is now the fastest growing and top five employment generating sector in India. 

Key Trends in Telecom Sector in the coming years
Along with the introduction of new technology in the sector, the shifting trends of the internet users are also going to change the face of the telecom industry of India. Here are some of the key trends in the sector that we are going to see in the next few years:
LTE will gradually become common
LTE/4G has been recently launched by multiple telephone operators and even if it has not seen an explosive response, the gradual response is supposed to increase in the coming years. It has been expected that by the start of 2016, the number of LTE/4G users will be more than 10 million. Though the penetration of LTE/4G network will be confined to the urban areas for the early years.
Public Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi was deployed as early as 2011 by Bharti Airtel in partnership with Spectranet, with 50,000 hotspots across various locations. But at that time it was not successful due to inadequate consumer education and lack of Wi-Fi enabled devices. But with smartphones becoming popular and cheap, public Wi-Fi is expected to be more common in areas with high density population

Focus on regional languages
To increase the reach of internet and adoption of smartphones, along with the enhancement of the consumer base, beyond the urban areas it is utmost important for the providers and developers to focus on the regional languages of India. There is still a huge market that can be tapped in India, which can be unlocked with this step. 

Wearable technology will see increased internet use
Though wearable technology is yet to gain popularity, it will change the scenario of the Indian telecom sector to a great extent and will mark an increased rise in the internet use.

Career opportunities in the telecom sector
The telecom sector offers a wide range of opportunities on both the hardware and software fronts and the number will rise as the internet penetration is still less than 50%. Nowadays every industry or sector use telecom technology and around 15 million subscribers are added every month. According to the popular job site naukri.com’s JobSpeak’s Index Growth for November 2016, the telecom industry has seen a 61% YoY growth. The staffing firm, TeamLease, has given an estimate that 20,000 – 30,000 jobs will be created in the next 4-6 months.

Career opportunities in global telecom equipment makers like Nokia Networks (previously Nokia Siemens), Huawei and Ericsson are also going to improve, as they are looking forward to over US$ 1 Billion in revenue with the roll-out of 4G/LTE network across the country.
Thus, if you are looking to get into the telecom sector, the next three to four years will be a great time to make an effort to realise your dreams.

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