27 May 2015

How to Avoid Common problems at workplace

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NCR: Avoid Common Problems at Workplace in India
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Conflict arises in every workplace at one time or another. You should take active steps to find creative ways to minimize or eliminate common problems.

IT IS very common for you to find yourself in office related problems. Your workplace can be full of situations that cause work delay and stress.

Here are some office related problems and their solutions: 

Noisy Colleagues 
It can be difficult for you to work if you have a noisy coworker working in the next cubicle. If your co- worker is talking loudly on the phone, listening to loud music or the the TV sound is loud your first approach should be by letting him know that he is disturbing the other workers in the office and request him to lower his tone or volume. If he does it again you can request your seniors to shift him to another place or take self preservation techniques like working with ear buds or noise cancelling headphones.

Talkative Workers 
When your deadline is coming close and you have not completed your work you are really stressed to make It worse your talkative co- worker keeps disturbing you. All you have to do is work with closed doors or putting a ‘ Do Not Disturb’ board. If your colleague yet disturbs you all you have to tell him is ‘ Sorry I am in middle of something right now.’ 

Irresponsible Coworker 
If your Co- worker is absent minded or is never on time for meetings or never meets his deadline and his work is transferred to you it can be very irritating and can give you stress. You can simply leave an email to your colleague in a simple tone telling him about his deadlines and timings. If he continues to do the same you can report his matter to your seniors.

Borrowing Office Supplies 
On your office desk you always have some personal things like your favorite sweets or dry fruits or your note pads, pens etc. You get very irriated when your coworkers just pick up your belongings and use it as their own. The best solution to this is that you can keep a plastic box which has a lock so that you can keep your belongings safetly.

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