06 May 2015

5 Part Guide to Finding the Best Online Work Opportunity 2015

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Delhi NCR: How to Find Best Online Job OpportunityInternet has become the destination where everyone finds salvation. Whether it’s their dream job or dream holiday, nothing gets accomplished without the help of the web. It is also worth noting that the web has spawned multiple multi-billion dollar businesses ever since its inception. It doesn't harm if you also take to internet to make some money for yourself-does it? Here are some ways to find the best earning opportunity on the web for you.

The web is the world’s greatest invention since time immemorial. It is a defining entity in everyone’s life. The huge number of uses that internet has is just mind numbing. It is the world’s biggest library, network, repository of information, advertising medium, mode of communication and recreational tool all rolled in one. It only depends on the individual as to how well he or she is able to utilize this medium for their benefit. There are a number of earning opportunities to be tapped on the web, and if you have the eye for it, you could well be on the way to become a millionaire. Here is how you can find the best opportunities for you: 

First of all have a portfolio ready
You might be the best photographer out there but your talent won’t speak for itself. You have to make the right noises through a portfolio that gives a glimpse of your talent. If you are a writer, then the portfolio or resume or whatever you like to call it should present your best published pieces. In case you are a software engineer looking for online work opportunities it is wise to include your professional certifications, academic qualifications and completed projects in the resume. All your competencies that can be of use to a prospective client should be listed in their chronological list. 

Make yourself searchable
The first thing that any client does these days is looking up your name in Google. You can’t blame him as he or she is only doing due diligence, trying to find as much as it is possible about you. It’s his hard earned money at stake and therefore if you want to have the best chances then it is advisable to make yourself highly visible on the web. 

Having a website is a great way of establishing your online presence. Start a blog where you can communicate your ideas with the world. A strong social media presence also helps a lot in improving your visibility. You should have a well made Google plus profile to start with, a complete LinkedIn profile and may be a Facebook “page”. 

To check how well you are doing on search results, Google yourself. This way you will know the efficacy of your efforts, plus you can know beforehand if you have any embarrassing information about yourself that has the potential to jeopardise your chances. 

Search through the job websites
Now comes the hard part. You cannot expect everybody reaching out to you for work. In fact, most of the times it will be the other way round- and for that you will need to scout the job sites. Try searching the traditional job sites like Monsterjobs, Naukri.com, Indeed amongst others. These sites have a plenty of online jobs listed. Once done with these, you can further search unconventional destinations like Craigslist. Freelancer sites like Elance and Freelancer.com also help a lot in throwing up a good earning opportunity. Most of these sites provide various filters that can be used for throwing up the best possible search result. You can filter the job opportunity through city, the remuneration it offers, and the experience level it requires and so on. 

Make use of your social networks
Often there will be times when you will be gaining through your personal and professional social network. You can set your status to whatever opportunity you are looking for and let your friends know of your search. They may come up with a good online job opportunity. Your professional network might have someone looking for a person for a particular job and you might fit the bill.

Prompt and transparent Communication
Once you do find such an opportunity, prompt communication is expected on your part. If the employer or the client mails you asking for more information, reply as swiftly as possible. This will show your interest and dedication. Besides, never quote wrong figures or information in your formal communication. It might jeopardise your candidature for a particular job. Do not keep any ambiguity regarding the deadlines, or remunerations and be clear as well as concise regarding all terms and conditions.

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