16 March 2015

Manager: How to NonStop complains at Workplace ?

Posted by NcrJobPortal.in  |  at   Monday, March 16, 2015

How Manager Should Handle Complain at WorkPlaceIT IS not unusual to hear people constantly whining in office. Some offices have a workplace environment that seems beseiged with grudges and grievances. We see coworkers huddle around in groups and complain about bosses, workload, situations and so on. Not a single task starts without someone reiterating their problems. After a while, all you seem to hear are complaints all around.

While voicing out issues to the concerned authorities can have a positive impact, chronic complaining within a group is not so beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why whining non- stop can ruin life at the workplace.

‘ Wrong’ idea When people whine, they only focus on what’s wrong or negative i. e. about problems, annoyances, etc. A firm can be 80 per cent fine and 20 per cent bad. If people spend all their time focusing on that 20 per cent, the situation seems worse.

Habit- forming The more you dwell on the negative, the tougher it becomes to see things in a positive light. People tend to comprehend information in a manner that it conforms to their pre- conceived notions.

Once, you get into that habit of moaning, nothing seems to rev up your spirits.

Whining competition When someone comes with a sob story, others follow. In a tense workplace, people try to outdo each other in their sob stories. Such conversations reward the person, who can complain the loudest. This is not a healthy sign at all.

Leads to depression Constant complaining makes the workplace seem worse than it really is, and also destroys hope that things can get better. It also stops people from taking steps to improve the situation, as they feel that their actions are doomed to flop anyway. There is no sense of self- belief.

Kills innovation When people are frustrated and feel a sense of hopelessness, they lose the creative streak that makes work life productive and fun.

Negative vibes Chronic complaining favours negative people. Such individuals don’t support positive thinkers labelling them as unrealistic. This can demotivate people to a great extent.

Bad relationships People create groups based on common negative experiences.

Only individuals with negative mind sets make into that group. This promotes bad relationships.

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