09 March 2015

ACE the INtervieW, Get A JOB

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THERE ARE countless articles and journals on how to ace job interviews. However, not many of us can actually use the information given by them. That can be due to a couple of reasons — either we don’t understand them fully or we’re too nervous to remember such finer points.

Ncr Job Portal - Ace the Interview to get a JOB
A simple interview checklist works better for the average anxious interviewee. Here are some guidelines that will help you beat the stress and make a decent impression.

Reach before expected Don’t take the additional stress of having to hunt down the office building on a hot summer day. Do a proper search and reach in time.

It’s good to show up 10- 15 minutes before the scheduled time as can collect your thoughts for the final time.
Nothing looks as “ unprofessional” as being late for your first interview.

First impression counts The kind of vibe you exude does a lot to instill confidence in the interviewer. A good perfect impression can help seal the deal for you. So, portray a right kind of attitude showing warmth, politeness, humble gratitude, sincerity, and enthusiasm but in a genuine manner. Do not forget to greet the interviewer with a big smile and a firm handshake.
Speak for yourself Don’t rely on the fact that your resume has been fully read by the hiring manager.
When you meet the HR, find out if the person has read your CV or not.

Reiterate your job profile to jog his memory. Politely enquire if he or she needs some clarification on any of the points. The interviewer needs to be convinced that you meet the needs of the organisation and that you can contribute to its success.

Make the most compelling, persuasive case for yourself that you can tell the interviewer.
Relax within limits Be comfortable not too comfortable.
It’s very important to relax, but don’t let yourself get too comfortable.
Maintain a good posture and eye contact, keep your gestures limited and controlled.
Don’t bite your nails.
Sound natural Try to sound like you’re a naturally made for the job.
However, do get your queries answered. Refrain from projecting a false impression in terms of skills or job profile as it can be hazardous later on.
Don’t be desperate Enter into the room like you deserve to be there, and imagine that you’ve already got the job. Avoid sounding desperate as it gives out the wrong signals. Avoid talking about money early into the conversation.

Research well Do your research about the organisation, and don’t forget to show it off. Work a few key facts about the company in your answers in a natural way. Also, if you have experience in the field, don’t be afraid to use a few technical terms.

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