20 February 2015

What are The Best Software Jobs Out there?

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The Best Software IT Jobs in Delhi/NCRStudents passionate about computer systems and software are often placed in a situation of dilemma, when they have to make a choice for their career. Different types of software related jobs are there in the market. One should make his or her career choice depending upon his or her own skills and interest.
OUTLINE: Making a choice for ones career could be very difficult task, especially when it is about selecting a specialized field within a broad category. Many students of computer software often remain confused regarding, what are the best software jobs out there? Therefore, in order to help such students of information technology, here is a list of top 3 software jobs available in the market.

The software designer of any software is called the architect of the software. Just like an architect is required to make the blue print of a house or structure, the software designer is required to sketch the blue print of the software. The blue print of any software is not a drawing but it is a plan that tells about what purposes would be accomplished by the software and how. It is determined by the software designer based on the requirements of the client or the end-users. 

In order to setup a career in software designing, a 4-years’ Bachelor’s degree in Science or Technology with specialization in software engineering or computer sciences, could be very helpful. The salary for software designer depends on various factors including skills, experience, etc the candidate has got. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of software designer in the United States is around $90,000 per year

The software programmer or developer is the one who gives shape to the software design or plan chalked out by the software designer. It is the software programmer who does the actual coding or programming to develop the software. However, sometimes besides writing the codes for the program, a software programmer also does the work of a designer in the earlier phase. In such case, the works of designing and developing the software are both done by same person and he or she is then called the software developer. 

Software developers can be of Two Types:
Applications software developer and system software developers. While the former is responsible for developing particular applications, the latter creates software for running the entire computer system. The candidate for the post of a software developer should be adept with basic coding languages and using common compilers that are largely used in the industry. A software engineer or computer science graduate can become a software developer. The average salary of application software developers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was $87,790 per year in 2010. The similar figure for system software developers for the same period was $94,180.

The role of software tester comes after the software is developed but before it is released in the market or delivered to the client for end use. As the term software tester suggests, it is the duty of the tester to examine the software to check whether it is working in manner it should. Often the software developers, test the software themselves, thus performing the role of software testers. However, software testers might work separately independent of the software developing entity. A software tester should be able to check various possibilities, so as to find loopholes in the software. 

The work of the software tester is to try and find out faults forcefully. It is important so that before delivering the software to the client or releasing it into the market, it can be made full proof against all malfunctioning. In order to effectively test software, a tester should have skills like in-depth understanding of software development process, ability of understand business well, time management and pressure handling in order to deliver work under tough deadlines, etc. The educational qualifications required are quite same as that of software designers and developers. 

The salary in case of software tester varies according the experience, skills, area of work, etc. However, as per the data obtained in 2009 from Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the average salary of software analysts or testers stood at around $80,430 annually.

Though, these are the top software engineer jobs available in the market, many more jobs are also there for fresh software engineering and computer science graduates. The jobs mentioned above are highly lucrative and also provides a lot of growth opportunity in career. 

Author’s Bio: The author is a regular writer for a job site that offers all kinds of jobs. He also writes as guest columnist in several newspapers and magazines relating to career and job.

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