08 December 2014

How To Apologize OFFICIALLY : IT's a Team Work MAN!

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WHEN it comes to staying hydrated you choose water, when it comes to staying awake you choose coffee and when it comes to preserving self- respect you say sorry. While too many cooks can spoil the broth, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” The latter was said by ace basketball player Michael Jordan. So, if that is the secret behind winning championships why doesn’t it always work? Today, we discuss how productive outcomes at work life can be achieved by a simple apology.

Starting from scratch 
There are many projects that take off very well due to great teamwork. What happens then? Suddenly, someone in the team gets over- confident and decides to jump the gun. The next thing the team realises is that they have to start from scratch. 

While the fault lies with one person, the whole team suffers. 

Thereafter, starting all over again may not bring the same outcome from everyone. If you are the one at fault then, accepting faults might be your only ticket out of the rigmarole of snide remarks and half- hearted efforts from your team members.

Building future credibility 

The best of us can be responsible for the worst outcomes when it comes to satisfying a client. 

Remember that your team members will be backing you at all times, however, you are an individual with your own views and opinions and it is but human to express them. In serving a client, you may not be able to restrain from putting across your point which might upset the client and end up upsetting the team. It is futile to act stubborn and continue playing the lone ranger; apologising can build a long- lasting relationship with the team and build your credibility with the client.

Disarming the Avengers 

Customers often approach an issue of bad customer service as if armed to kill; after all, few realize that every service provider is also a customer to the service he does not provide. 

The best way to disarm an opponent is not to accept defeat but to apologise and stating the best possible way in which your team or company can make amends. We’ve seen what a ruckus some parliamentary meets are that end with no plausible outcome, if one avoids running into a stone wall then it is easier to catch the next train to progress. 

Looking ahead 
Why we have fewer good spirited people around us is because apologising immediately puts the apologiser at odds with his/ her own outlook. One is better equipped when they master the tact of role- reversal: putting yourself in someone else's shoes. 

The past or the future may see you in the position of the other person; hence, building a general sense of empathy keeps us far from hypocrisy.

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