13 May 2014

[Best#5] The Five Best iDEAs/Reasons for Planning Holidays and Job Break!

Posted by NcrJobPortal.in  |  at   Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Five Best iDEAs/Reasons For Planning Holidays and Job Break!
SUMMERs at its peak and everyone around you is packing their bags and heading off for a vacation while you slog in office

You might wish the liberty of going on a holiday, sipping a mocktail by the pool or exploring a hill station with your best friends but the thought of your work commitments bog you down.

The idea of asking for a week off can make some of us a nervous wreck, especially if you have a no- nonsense boss.

Here’s how to put in a request the right way.

Request time early
Don’t go to your boss with a request at the last minute or ask for leave when you know that it will clash with the vacation dates of your colleagues.

In such a scenario, the boss is most likely to say no. When you are entitled to leave, you should also think of the overall workload, and how your leave may impact the whole team. Ensure that there are people to cover the bases while you are away on your vacation.

Give a plan
When you ask for leave, be prepared with reasons why your boss need not be worried when you are away. Send an e- mail, outlining the details of your pending work for the week, who would cover for you, if you will complete your tasks early or can put some work on the back burner until you return.

Trade time
If you need leave that is very important to you but your boss isn’t keen to give you some time off, ask if you can make up for it by working on your weekly off or even overtime.

Try this only during desperate times, that is, only when you know you have limited amount of leave left.

It is advisable to get a clear idea of your pending leave from the HR itself and then approach your boss. This will only strengthen your case.

Don’t shy away from offering a trade- off. In exchange for some time off, volunteer to turn in a project or two, before you go backpacking.

That way, you will be free from anxiety about deadlines and be able to enjoy your vacation.

Work from home
When you have too many tasks at hand, it is foolish to ask for leave. However, the middle path is always open.

Request your boss to allow you to work from home so that you have time to complete your personal work. You can respond to phone calls and e- mails relating to work hours while you lie on the couch in your pajamas.

Top 10 Reasons for Taking a Break in Job Offers you the best way you can plan your holiday under radar of your BOSS!   You can simply try above fantastic iDEAs for taking leaving and plan Happy Holidays during your job weekend.

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