10 April 2014

Team Work Always 'WON' - A Manager must be an artist of Delegation!

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Team Work Always Won! - A Manager must be artist of Delegation!
AS a manager it is important to master the art of delegation >>
 Dividing work within the team not only helps members to work in an organised manner but also makes it easy for the manager to complete his project in an efficient manner. Here are a few pointers on how to delegate work:

Know your team
It’s very important for a team leader or a manger to understand the strengths and weakness of every team member. Depending on his judgement of each one’s skill, tasks can be delegated accordingly. Besides, those members who aren’t skilled in a particular skill set can be trained in the area that they lacking. An efficient manager will use this opportunity to challenge the abilities of a talented worker and helping another to gain some valuable experience by assisting him.

Communicate smartly 
When you set a goal for a particular assignment, discuss it in detail with the members of the team. It gives them a clear idea of the aims and objectives of the job at hand. Explain what you want to achieve in the particular project. You can gain their confidence by discussing the benefits they could derive from the completion of the task. Help them with necessary assistance and material needed for the project. Make sure that the deadlines are kept in mind while work is delegated to the members.

Have faith in a team 
It is important to trust your team. Having faith in the team to complete the task at hand to the best of their abilities adds to their confidence level. Maintain a fine balance between not being overly authoritative and giving them a free hand in doing a task as per their will. Try to be accommodative and give them a chance to learn and grow. Making them aware of their responsibility towards their assigned task is half the battle won.

Keep a check 
It’s a fine line between taking it easy and keeping control in your hands. A manager has to monitor things to keep them going in the right direction while achieving the ultimate goal. After having assigned the task, its important to discuss it from time to time to understand the progress on it. Give a patient ear to their experiences on the project and offer advice and assistance wherever required.

Give feedback  
When the project is completed, give the team your honest feedback. It is important to compliment the team on a good job and provide constructive criticism where required. Make them learn from their faults and provide solutions on how to improve in future.

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