13 September 2013

Tell me about yourself ? Best Interview Question!

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Tell me about yourself - Interview Question
The “Tell me about Yourself Interview question” - job interview question is not only a single warm-up question that blows the wind at starting point of interview, but also a perfect chance to sell yourself as an ideal candidate. Interview is a process to SELL YOURSELF with qualities an skills you are having. 
‘Tell me about yourself’ is an open invitation for you to impress your interviewer and tackle the job. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - It's a way to break the ice and make you feel more comfortable during the interview process. It's also a way for the hiring manager to get insight into your personality to help determine if you're a good fit for the job.
Carefully Read Our TIPS on how to be prepared for this open discussion There are multiple ways to approach this question. You can resort to the popular method of preparing “your own 30 sec commercial” or can prepare and practice separate answers for different individuals you might interview with.

Always Start off with your name
In actuality, recruiter wants to see how well you can sell yourself (with Urs Qualities/skills) and how confident you are. Start with your name and frankly add a line or two about things you like to do.

Talk about your background
Always back up your intro with a short narration of Ur Education and Experience. Do not spend time on trivial details.

This is where the catch is !
Your aim is to narrate your accomplishments that are related to the position Try to smartly blend them with your background history. You need to convey that you are the person that he is looking for! 

Ask Him a Question! Round the table....
You too can ask questions ! Don’t be scared of asking questions! 
As Example: If you say, I’m originally from Delhi;” Ask Him “Have you ever been there before?”. These examples may be not in fit with  the situation but the point is to engage your interviewer. Remember it is a conversation after all!

Don’t Blabber
& Keep in mind - Your ANSWER should be targeted to only with job, not a personal bio— beca'z employers don’t care where you grew up. What matters to for him is how you’ll be a value addition to company!

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